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True Sound Radio EP-001: A Conversation With DIRTYKVRT

True Sound Radio|4/29/2020

Hosted by Gillian Carrabre. Followed by a Mix from Dirtykvrt.

The Beginning

Episode 001 of True Sound Radio was recorded at Gastown in downtown Vancouver with our first guest Dirtykurt. The artist is known for his love of dirty heavy hitting bass, glitchy soundscapes and experimental drops. Gillian starts out the interview asking about the inception of his musical career and who he takes his inspiration from to make the tracks he spins.

Gillian: So what made you begin Dj'ing?

Dirtykvrt: So that's a long story, but I'll try to summarize it. It all started with when I went to my first music festival, that little festival called Pemberton that no longer happens, anyway. That's where I entered the void for the first time and ever since I witnessed some of those sets, like Kaskade, The Chainsmokers, I knew that I needed to. I mean I needed to DJ and share that experience that I had in the moment. Like, while everything's bright kinda thing with the rest of the world. But when I got back from that festival, I borrowed my friend's Traktor S4 controller and I didn't give it back for about six months. And finally I gave it back and that day I went and bought my own and I've been dj'ing for four hours every day since. And I just want to share music and save lives.

Dirtykurt has already stated that he was influenced by two big names to get his creative juices flowing, but it was artists like Chris Lorenzo that really provided a framework for who he would aspire to be himself. Interestingly this same framework would also define who "Kurt" did not want to be.

Dirtykvrt: ...I can say I want to be like Drizzo or like Chris Lorenzo, but they do their completely own thing, right?... I don't really want to stick myself to being known for one genre. I kind of just want to be like a well rounded artist that has a bit of everything for everyone, With a common theme, dirty bass, you know, come together like stand face up.

Venues and Memories

Gillian and Dirtykurt continue their interview talking about his favorite venue and one of his most memorable experiences being on stage. It was all smiles for Kurt as he played to a big crowd and got a glimpse at what it must be like to be a rockstar up on stage. This would become a core memory to inspire future performances and a zest for playing sets on stage.

Gillian: What's your favorite venue in Vancouver?

Dirtykvrt: My favorite a favorite venue in Vancouver is Red Room, 100% because the sound and the community and culture. That whole place just shows up and even if you're opening you still have a crowd...which is nice.

Gillian: I like the vibe in there too, it's got tables around the edges and stuff...

What's been your most memorable experience onstage?

Dirtykvrt: That would have to be at my EP release show at fortune. Just because I've never played with that many people before, and then I kind of got out there and totally had a freak out. But when my stepdad came up to the front and was like "Hey man, everyone's here for you just find your bearings and rock star it". I was like, yeah! I'm a rockstar, let's do it! One of the best nights of my life, my face hurt from smiling so hard.

Influences and Influencers

Next up in their conversation the pair talk about who has influenced and had a respectable impact on Dirtykurt and why. We get to hear about what genres of EDM are his favorites to spin as well as some of the ins and outs of the creative process he uses. More specifically his interest in and use of vocal samples of all kinds. Some are audio clips that he finds interesting or may provoke a reaction, others are samples of his own creation in the moment. A smartphone becomes an invaluable tool when inspiration strikes and you need to capitalize on the moment!

Gillian: So who do you really respect in the industry?

Dirtykvrt: I'd have to say either Chris Lorenzo or Abstrakt Sonance. Basically just because they're super stand up individuals and they have respect for you as an artist because they're an artist, whereas it's kind of rare in the industry. But those two guys have shown me mad respect in the sense that Chris Lorenzo did it back to back with me instead of just kicking me off the decks and Abstrakt's on. And Abstrakt Sonance has had me support him a few times just because he liked what I played. So yeah, I think those two by far have my respect because they respect me. Right?

Gillian: Right. Right That's really cool that they're not playing "Diva DJ", that is really respectable. So what kind of sub genres do you like to spin?

Dirtykvrt: Oh that's such a tough question. Music is like always diving deeper and diversifying. I started really spinning bass house all the time and then you know kind of got boring...I try to mix dubstep here and there. Basically I like to just spin any music that has dirty bass; from house music to drum & bass, mid tempo, dubstep. As long as it's dirty filthy, disgusting...

Gillian: What's your process when you're producing, how do you start and how do things come together?

Dirtykvrt: So if I do a really good show I'll get super inspired and take some sort of riff or groove home with me and I'll throw that in my dock. But usually I just write ideas down in my notepad, like a pre-drop vocal that I really want to use, and then I'll just throw that in there and start building the track around that. But what really helps is having an end goal. What do I want the track to be? How do I want it to make people feel? So if I can put some of my own emotions into the track, everything just flows.

Gillian: That makes sense. What kind of...what's your ideal vocal then? What kind of stuff do you like to use?

Dirtykvrt: Something funny or controversial or something that kind of just makes you shake your head and go "what did he just say"?

Gillian: Like is it really short normally or just a little riff or can it be longer?

Dirtykvrt: Well in my track "Void" there's this documentary sized vocal before the drop, then in my track "Still Around" it's like 'I'm Still Around!'. I kind of just...whatever I think fits that mood that I'm going for. "Still Around" is a super angry track so it's like *insert angry voice* 'I'm Still Around! Muuuuh'

Gillian: How do you record, you said that you record samples sometimes? How do you do that? Do you just use your phone?

Dirtykvrt: Yeah, I just take voice memos or whatever. Just hold it up...sample that, I gotta sample that!

Gillian: What was the last thing that you did in terms of recording a sample, what was that? What was interesting enough to record?

Dirtykvrt: I was watching...Big Mouth. So he said something super ridiculous in that and I paused it, wound it back, pull out my phone and recorded it. My roommate's like "What are you doing?" And I was like "I gotta sample man!".

The future and beyond

Next up Gillian asks about what the future holds, new track? New EP? What's the scoop? With a final question to end the interview we learn what Dirtykvrt's favorite venue, festival and time slot would be to play and what exactly sets them apart.

Gillian: So can we expect any new music from you this year?

Dirtykvrt: I'm working on a few singles, I've got this track "Blackjack" in the works because I can deal cards and everyone loses and they hate me. So it's gonna convey that emotional hate and make this super angry dubstep track. It's gonna be great. It's got one of those funny vocals that everyone will know in it.

Gillian: It sounds like it'll be interesting

Dirtykvrt: Yeah, and then I've got another ep in the... in the works, pardon me. We're gonna keep that mysterious for them. One drum and bass, one mid tempo and one dubstep.

Gillian: Cool. And what was your last ep, what's your last ep called?

Dirtykvrt: Enter the Void

Gillian: Enter the Void. It's kinda catchy

Dirtykvrt: Check it out!

Gillian: So as a final question, what's your ideal performance opportunity? Like what festival or what venue?

Dirtykvrt: if you ask any DJ that lives in british Columbia. And I think they'd say the same as me, which is Shambalah. But I guess to be more specific The Village stage because you can just play crazy stuff at that stage.

Gillian: So like no one's gonna care what you play, they're just gonna be really into it?

Dirtykvrt: As long as it's super heavy, yeah I think they'll be into it.

Gillian: And what time, what's your ideal time?

Dirtykvrt: 4am, I'd say

Gillian: And why is that?

Dirtykvrt: That's just when all the diehards are out

Gillian: That makes sense

Dirtykvrt: And no one's there that doesn't want to be there everyone. Everyone's out

Gillian: Cool. Well thanks so much for coming here and talking to us today.

Dirtykvrt's latest EP is called "On The Brink" and is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. He'll also be playing the Prophecy Music Festival - Lost Atlantis Edition, May 12th to May 16th! You can check out the full audio episode below. Stay tuned for more!

True Sound RADIO Episode-001 featuring Dirtykvrt

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