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Yawk! Yawk! Yawk! Yawk! is the newest track from artist Sheps. It has been released through Phunk Junk Music Group, who have had some wicked releases in the past few months. This track is all about a strong dance floor beat, vicious instrumentals, and vocals. It bangs in all the right places, showcasing Sheps' production talent. From the start, it pulls you under with an assertive kick drum, and choppy male vocals that bring the song to life before the drop crashes in. After the high charged drop, you think to yourself, this song would be awesome to hear live. Whether it be listening through my air pods, driving in my car, or working out, this song gets the blood pumping and the feels flowing in every way. The energy of this track is absolutely infectious and delivers on the promise of midnight dancing. Sheps continues to impress and showcase his talents with this latest single and we can't wait to someday to hear it live.

Connect to Sheps socials to stay up to date cause the Vancouver native is doing big things! If you haven't listened yet, this is one not to miss! Check out the track below.

Check out the Track!

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