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Xander Rose hits us with something special here, as this track brings the heat! This track not only features a unique bassline but features many unique sounds and features El Nino. Who goes in on adding some vocals to keep you grooving with this Lovesong. This track is definitely one to turn up and check out below.

About Xander Rose: Xander Rose exploded onto Vancouver’s nightclub scene in 2017 with his debut show at Celebrities Nightclub. Since then he has worked with many of the city’s stand-out acts like NXSTY, SebC, and Floetic. In addition to working with various leading companies like Blueprint and Safe & Sound, Xander also founded his independent label Stir Fry Records in 2018. He’s known for blending the worlds of house music with hip-hop and pop to bring a fresh perspective to Vancouver's music scene. He also has built up a strong presence online as a music, business, and lifestyle educator via his YouTube channel.

Check out the track below for a "Lovesong" by Xander Rose.

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