What you know about this banger of a track as today's track of the day!? This release by Saskatchewan based artist Flatland Funk on Rude Service Records has a little bit of it all. Stellar vocals? Check. Big drops? You bet. Punchy dubstep rhythms? That's a big 10-4! All of this combines to produce a song that will get you moving & anticipating each and every part of the track. The vocals are perfectly paired with a thick bass line & catchy, upbeat synth that sets a nice groove to get things going. I think that this release has one of my favorite buildups to a drop that I've heard in a long time. While being noticeably different than the verse, the rise in tempo leading into the drop just fits together like fish and chips. Chewy and Han Solo. Rick and Morty. It just works and sounds great! I would officially tag this track as a #banger for sure! Each time you think that’s as far as this track could go there is another twist, another layer, another drop. This track can absolutely do no wrong in my eyes. It feels so fun, new and uplifting that you just can't help but go along with the vibe. Flatland Funk is one of those DJs who can make a global impact with his music and he is definitely doing so. Check him out below and his other releases such as "Rukus" that will definitely blow your ears off along with this one!

About Flatland Funk: Hailing from the province of Saskatchewan Flatland Funk has made a global name for himself. His music has been played by giant names like NGHTMRE, Pixel Terror, MAKJ and Dyro. Most recently Bear Grillz spun his newest track "Rukus" at this years Thunderdome and on April 2nd will be appearing alongside Cash Cash in Saskatoon. Besides his own amazing musical career Flatland Funk is also on the board of directors for Emengy Records and is the owner of Mad Society Events.

Listen to "What You Know About" below!

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