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Updated: Feb 10

This track has been one we have been waiting for, Karbon and Pretence really 'Welcome You To Hell' with this one. Hitting you right off the bat with that signature Karbon sound mixed with Pretence's beautiful additional vibes that makes this track a master piece. Honestly one of my personal favorite tracks from Karbon to date, this track is sinister, fun and easy to move to. The sound design is incredible and very unique. It is honestly what makes this track for me, I love how these two artists really brought their signature dark mood and energy that they generally have in the track and mixed them so well together. You can really tell how these talented artists collaborated on this one with the sound design, general atmosphere and backbeat. The track is almost like you took a underground house track and added a 'Rezz' style spin on it. Overall if I had to pick 3 descriptive words to describe this one it would be Dark, Dynamic and Melancholy but in a good way. As this track is very sinister but will move you, I highly recommend you check it out below!

About Karbon: An anonymous producer and DJ based out of Vancouver Canada, is a masked artist pioneering a new sound in the house music scene. He seamlessly blends ideas from Techno, House music, and the underground into one unforgettable sound. He has recently worked with labels like CONFESSION, Diverge, From the Hood, and many more. KARBON’S tracks have also gained endless support from DJS like Tchami, Dr Fresch, Drezo, Marten Horger, and have had multiple plays on Insomniac Radio. KARBON is fresh to the scene, but soon his name will be a house hold staple.

About Pretence: Hailing from Sydney Australia, 23 year old producer Pretence is a force not to be messed with.

Pretence started his musical journey in 2015 with a passion for long build-ups and catchy melodies that were often presented to him at afterdark parties. His interest grew deeply and transformed into a love for the darker, underground sounds.

Years after delving into the world of production Pretence began to emulate and experiment with percussion, synths and basslines, creating a hybrid version that both shock the senses and send the body into a state of flux.

Already catching the likes of high class artists such as Drezo, Dr Fresch, AC Slater, Marten Horger, Matroda, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Lo'99, Odd Mob, Jordan Burns AND many more, theres no doubt that this artist will be showcasing the world the evilness that lies within his productions.

Pretence: an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true. ⚰️

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