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Looking for a fun, energetic track? Orchiid and Saladin bring it with their latest release on Phunk Junk Records titled 'We Ain't going Nowhere'. This track is packed with good energetic vibes, from the wicked backbeat to the unique melody. The sound design in this track is incredible, I love all the unique sounds and added sounds from the main melody to the added laser like sounds. The vocal chops in this track honestly take this track to a whole new level, it adds this energy to the track and pairs so well. I highly recommend you check out this track, its a great party track. Check out the track below and learn more about Saladin and Orchiid!

About Orchiid: Blossoming her career in the Alberta dance music scene, this female artist has been growing her fan base since early 2015. Her styles range in the rhythms of Tech House, G-House and Bass House. Raised in her hometown of Calgary, she is known for her powerful, high energy, & memorable live sets. She was notably featured as one of Calgary’s female DJ's in a project called “We Are The Ten Percent” by Leigh-Anne Hazard which was published in Freq Magazine, Fall 2017. Over the last few years she’s gotten to share the stage with Breach, Drezo, Wolfgang Gartner, Bijou, Au5, VNSSA + more. She also played on the AGNT stage at Bomfest in 2019 which featured Tiesto, ZHU, Claptone, Duke Dumont, Mat. Joe, & Omnom - but that’s just to name a few. Having started her community group in called YYC UNDRGRND HOUSE MVMNT in 2016, ORCHIID aims to shake things up & bring that underground house vibe to the dance floors in Alberta’s EDM scene. Production has been her primary focus since the end of 2018 and even though she’s been learning production for the past 3 years, the process is trustworthy. She has established her brand very well over the last 5 years of performing shows, and has realized that the music industry has been her calling. Since capturing the attention of Dr. Fresch in the beginning of 2019, she’s been skimming the radar with flying colors. ORCHIID’s on the rise & she refuses to back down.

About Saladin: Saladin (pronounced Sah-lay-din) Chicago-based electronic dance music producer takes an electrifying stance each time he steps on stage. Garnering an immense catalog of house music productions to keep his crowds moving, SALADIN is notoriously known for leaving the audience in awe.

In his arsenal of auditory rump shakers like “Anthem”, “Hit The Floor” and “Party All Night”, amongst a gripping amount more to revel upon. With support from major headliners across the globe, chart-topping appearances on Billboard and Beatport, and an impressive repertoire of label releases, SALADIN has honed in on his sound with articulate structure and fashion.

In the home of house music, SALADIN maintains control and a cohesive bond with his crowds of Chicago and areas beyond by playing out his wildly addictive tunes, hard-hitting basslines, and delivering one helluva experience each and every time.

'Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound'

Check out the Track!

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