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TRACK OF THE DAY! Walk like a dog By Oh! Gee

Oh! Gee brings a heater with this track titled 'Walk like a dog' I love the sound design in it, it definitely brings my bass face out. It's a very weird and unique sound and track but is right up my alley. I love the trap backbeat it fits so perfectly. This strong, deep track just takes the wubs and the dubs to a whole new level, honestly speechless with this one. Love all the cool sounds used in this track and I definitely as always highly recommend checking this one out, Much love to Oh! Gee for bringing the world another banger of a track!

About Oh! Gee: oh! gee is a duo comprised of two truly creative minds. Coming from different musical production backgrounds, the blend of the two artists creates unique flow of energy and style. Between the two outer-worldly imaginations youʼre guaranteed to have your ears tingling with frequencies they've never experienced before.

Every set is unique, and any oh! gee original will make your jaw hang unhinged. These Intergalactic audio scientist are going to take you on a journey through the outer reaches of reality.

Check out the Track!

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