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TRACK OF THE DAY! Vangelis by Crimson Child, Itamar Erez

This track is truly something else. From beginning to end I am speechless from its dark flowy vibes in the beginning and end reminds me of a mixture of the chakra music I sometimes listen to and something i’d hear out of deep dark and dangerous and as the track carries on it brings more of those dark intense vibes and brings an intense rock vibe. That is wicked and followed with an elegant piano to leave you with chills. This track really surprises me and is a masterpiece. Crimson Child and Itamar Erez did an amazing job and I definitely recommend checking it out below. About CRIMSON CHILD is a contemporary electronic producer and performer established in Vancouver, British Columbia specializing in Melodic Mid-Tempo bass music and is best known for his rich interpretation of emotional-filled storytelling through sound. He also has received great support from Whipped Cream, Blanke, Boombox Cartel and many more.

Check out the Track:

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