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Are you looking to go 'Underground'? Karbon brings those vibes with his latest release 'Underground' released on Bite This Now. When we first heard this track we had to make it track of the day, with its unique underground sounds and vibe that is like no other. I highly recommend this track, it features a rhythmic backbeat with a underground bassline that brings all the underground vibes. I absolutely adore all the really cool atmospheric sounds used in this track, my favorite part of the track would have to be the backbeat, as it really powers and drives the track. However the bassline at the drop really just leaves me speechless. Karbon has been just killing the game with his new music, I definitely recommend you check out the track and learn more about him below!

About Karbon: KARBON is more than just a man behind a mask, he is an artist that takes inspiration from the foundations of techno and house music and adds his own modern twist to the mix. His unique underground sound and versatility allow him to adapt to the vibes of any crowd. Make sure to give him a follow on Facebook @iamkarbon , Instagram @karbongram and Twitter @iamkarbon.

'Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound'

Check out the Track!

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