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TRACK OF THE DAY! Unbreakable By Napa Cabbage, Veronica Bravo

This beautiful track is one to check out featuring some hard-hitting feels from Napa Cabbage and wonderful vocals from Veronica Bravo. This track features some amazing heavy-hitting chords and a beautiful melody. I adore the drums in this track bringing some great energy to match with the chords in this track, they pair super well together. I love every bit of this track the sound design is incredible and the vocals leave me speechless. This track is truly 'Unbreakable', I highly recommend learning more about the artists involved and checking out the track below!

About Napa Cabbage:

Coming to the forefront in 2016, Napa Cabbage from Canada landed their first hits in South East Asia. From humble beginnings to working with Platinum Recording Artist in Asia, Wanting Qu, as well as Diana Wang, one of Taiwan’s most popular artists, the Dance Music Duo was known for their revolutionary work in Future Bass. Their original hit "Sorry" quickly amassed hundreds of thousands in streams and views within their first years of surfacing. In the live scene, they sprung up quickly from night clubs to playing one of the largest venues in Vancouver, Rogers Arena, invited as the featured artist for the event. As time went on, their music began to evolve and in 2018, Napa Cabbage began to break into the international market. They debuted as headliners in TOKYO, JAPAN 2019. Shortly after, their REMIX of Machine Gun Kelly - Glass House premiered on TRAP NATION gaining over 450,000 plays on youtube. Since then, they have landed multiple original releases on Lowly Palace. Continue to follow this Dance Music duo as they make waves across the world, with new releases coming soon!

About Veronica Bravo: She is an amazing singer-songwriter from Perth Australia, she has been featured in a countless amount of big playlists on Spotify, as she pairs her beautiful vocals with Pop and EDM tracks accumulating millions of plays on her multiple releases.

Check out the Track!

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