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The future bass producer Your Evil Boyfriend, teams with singer Kelarys to release the emotional hit "To The Bone." You may be familiar with Your Evil Boyfriend but if you have not heard of Kelarys, this track is your introduction. Kelarys is a classically trained singer/songwriter, and producer. If this is his first major label release, we didn't notice. His intensity and range were ridiculous. Kelarys' vocals and lyrics were the perfect compliment to Your Evil Boyfriend's production. And speaking of the production, "To The Bone" takes you on a ride from soft notes of a piano in the intro to hard hitting bass and synths at the hook. This track is that feel good inspirational hit to sing along to or whatever you feel like doing.

"This song represents the internal struggle of constantly trying to improve oneself and being scared of taking breaks. The fear of stopping the momentum for an athlete, a business person, an artist, a student, or anyone grinding can be scarier than the goal itself." -Your Evil Boyfriend

About Your Evil Boyfriend: Canadian dance music producer Diego Salgado-Sanchez blends jaded super saws and distorted pianos to make vocal-led Future Bass, Dubstep, and club tracks. Born in Peru but heavily marinated by his maple syrup passport, he started his musical journey while being stuck in the silver mines of the Sonora Desert. His first label release with Brunetti "Back To The Start" charted top 47 in Dance charts on Beatport, as well as charting number 1 in the Mainstage Beatport Release Charts with his collaboration with Christopher Tapia "Hold Me." He has also collaborated with JareB34R, Young Presley, Luna Bands, Your Dad Is Lit, which gained him support from blogs like UFO network, True Sounds, Monsoon Seasons, For Everyone Now, and EDM Nations. "I didn't come up with my artist name, a girl gave it to me. I've come to embrace the good in my dark side so that's translated in my music. "

About Kelarys: Singer, songwriter and producer, Kelarys (real name Brian Dupuis) has 2 degrees in music, Bachelors of Musical Arts from Western University, focusing on Classical Performance - Voice and Popular Music Songwriting, and one in Audio Engineering and Production from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. This channel will feature some combination of originals and covers.

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