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Track Of The Day! "Thinking About You" by Hoang, Exede

How about some dreamy dance pop to take you into the weekend?

"Thinking about you" by Hoang and Exede is exactly what you need to escape those weekday worries as you drift into the weekend. The track begins with almost a somber dreamlike sequence reminscing on happier times. We've all been there. Then comes the build that really hits you in the feels. It moves you to grab you partner/housemate/parent/cat/dog/whatever or whoever is close by, tell them you love them as you hit that sweet sweet drop and dance the night away.

About the artists:

Hoang is a Vancouver based electronic music producer who's mission is to inspire you to feel.

Exede is the project of a vocalist, songwriter, producer Ben Kyriazis and songwriter, Bryan Soepardi, from Sydney, Australia. For this pair, electronic music is a way of being taken to another place where you're free to connect with your emotions. Each track we create represents a journey that they want to share with their listeners.

Are you ready to dream with them? Check out this awesome track here:

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