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TRACK OF THE DAY! Thick as Thieves VIP By Kermode

Happy Friday! Today we are featuring a new track coming from Kermode, this track brings the bass on a whole new level, its titled 'Thick as Thieves VIP' this track only coming in at 2 minutes and 23 seconds long leaves me wanting more, with its soul touching bass and grimy underground sounds that honestly leave me speechless. You will definitely hear me blasting this track on my speakers all weekend long. Kermode did an amazing job on the sound design on this track, I love the slow mellow vibe in the beginning the drums are really nice. I definitely recommend checking out this track below!

About Kermode:

The musical vision of Vancouver’s Jeanot Mey, better known as Kermode. Born from the desire to fuse the beauty of the west coast with the aggression and grandeur of modern bass music, Kermode sets out to create a colourful dance driven world for his listeners.

Check out the Track!

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