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TRACK OF THE DAY! The Sound Of Us By Montresor

Montresor brings us some upbeat beautiful chords with his track ‘Sound Of Us’. This track features a beautiful back beat that really adds depth to the track with some gorgeous vocals. Also love the cover art for this track, I definitely will be playing this one out all week, check it out below!

About Montresor: Since making his debut in 2018, Montresor has been creating bright anthem-like dance music with no signs of slowing down. From gritty bass lines, to soft emotional lyrics and breakdowns, this Canadian producer is working towards leaving his mark on the industry. After collaborating with labels such as Hybrid Trap, Ensis Records, and Hegemon Select Montresor is on a mission for his music to touch the hearts of millions.

“I’m going to stay in this game until my body breaks or my ear drums explode” - Montresor

Check out the Track!

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