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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

After dropping the banger track "Swampmonster" back in the spring, Khiva returned with "Tethered", a hard-hitting rap track that showcases her lyrical and vocal versatility on the microphone.

"Tethered," released through Dark Dream Records, showcases all of Khiva's musical skills. Khiva proves that her pen game, with witty and raw verses, are matchless. On this track, Khiva raps in a plethora of speedy cadences followed by her sultry vocals on the hook. Let's not forget about the production, a slowed and gritty beat with dark stringy sounds are the perfect compliment. Flawless! We are totally blown away by this track. Khiva's a star and we're look forward to hearing more from Khiva.

About Khiva: Vancouver BC born, has been on the rise with her dramatic, bass-driven soundcapes. Nurturing a propensity toward the emotionally fuelled and often dramatic, dubstep and bass driven 140-centric styles offer anatural focal point, but in no way a limit, for Khiva's musical exports.

Her intentional selections bring forth a contagious energy through lively and dynamic mixes, using the decks as a tool to channel the profound, moving and unexplainable.

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