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This track brings the heat with heavy unique sounds and deep vocals. Sadgangsta just released this track on True Sound Records paired with another single 'Die Today'. In this track, Sadgangsta features deep vocals that remind me of Rick Ross and a heavy bassline with a lot of loud, unique sounds. The bass line is very punchy and grabs your attention right off the bat in the drop portion of this track as he introduces a ton of heavy sounds. My favorite part of this track is all the gun like sounds and the other metallic sounds this track features. The entire EP brings a ton of energy as it features a lot of different sounds you might not know what your gonna get every few beats but you know its gonna be heavy. Sadgangsta has been bringing the heat especially with some of his past releases on True Sound Records picking up steam, he is definitely a local artists to keep an eye on with lots more to come in 2022, listen to the track at the bottom of the blog and learn more about Sadgangsta below!

About Sadgangsta: Electronic music artist with a focus on Dubstep. Produces various genres. Releases with True Sound Record and DivisionBass Digital; making 2022 Sadgangsta's debut year. Hometown is Vancouver, Canada.

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