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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

PhaseOne teams up with Jiqui to release "Subterrestrial" off his new EP 'The Risen.'


[ suhb-tuh-res-tree-uhl ]

:one (such as an animal) that lives underground

The collaboration of PhaseOne and Jiqui birthed the monster track “Subterrestrial.” Knowing the definition aids to know where this song is coming from, but it's not needed. At the intro, you get a sense that this track is about rise from beneath and hit hard. And it does, nonstop energy from start to finish.

The thumbing bass and punchy snare lay the foundation to some sick galactical sounds effects. To PhaseOne and Jiqui, we need more collabs like this in the future.

About PhaseOne: Sydney based producer PhaseOne has asserted himself as one of the most consistent and significant talents to emerge from the Australian bass scene in the last few years by making a name for himself internationally with his head turning original productions and remixes. His punk and hardcore roots can be heard in his guttural synths, catchy chords and soaring leads. Releasing a diverse range of songs on Disciple, Buygore, Rottun, Kannibalen, and Vicious Bitch, its clear that PhaseOne has been well received by the bass community.

About Jiqui: A Vancouver based artist has truly made a name for himself in the dubstep scene, scoring major label releases on Disciple, Kinphonic, and many more. He also has multiple features on The Dub Rebellion for his singles and mixes. That’s not all Jiqui has worked with some amazing talented artists such as TRVCY, Sharps and many more. He has also gained some major support from Excision, Zomboy, Subtronics and many more, we can’t wait to hear what's next for this young Canadian producer.

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