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Ketafere takes it back to where it started with his new tech house track "Stay Focused." True to form, Ketafere produces a high-energy and dance worthy sound with a thumping kick drum, hi-hat, snare, and mean bassline. Released on UFO Records, "Stay Focused" will have you grooving from the get-go. The melodic bassline is the centerpiece, it adds a ton of character and holds the track together.. After the first build up, Kerafere turns the intensity up a notch, causing your body to gyrate. It clanks like techno, pumps like house, and features sultry spoken vocals, that command us to "come back to the beginning where techno was an art." As others have tried to convince us that what they were doing was new, Ketafere reminds us to stay true to our roots. This track is sure to give you an exciting club experience because it was made for the dancefloor. Check out "Stay Focused" below.

About Ketafere: From 10 person house parties to crowds of 3000 in less then half a year, Vancouver has given birth to a new talent. Ketafere's love for music and the perks of getting to party for a living doesn't have him complaining. His sets are definitely unique in style by telling stories and taking people on a wild journey through sound. Where most DJ's stick to a few genres, Ketafere is known for bouncing constantly between genres, always keeping the crowd on their feet. Ketafere is the alias that Connor Joanis runs under when producing and playing shows. He is ready to party anywhere, any day, anytime! Ketafere has played alongside world renown DJ's including: Wildstylez, Poss, Social Status, Moiez.

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