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TRACK OF THE DAY! Speakeasy By RedOption

I love the chords in this track they are mellow but carry a nice bit of energy with them. The bass line in this track is absolutely unreal I adore the sound design of it. It is heavy hitting but also brings this certain wavy vibe to it that makes it super unique. To top this track off it features some wicked drums that honestly take this track to a whole new level and that's just the beginning. RedOption describes the track being "An ever-evolving track that tells a story of how a weekend night out, unsuspectingly turns into a visit down into the underworld." Honestly this track is a master piece I love every sound, and every part of this track you can catch me vibing out to this track all week long! I highly recommend you check this track out for yourself below, RedOption did an absolute killer job on it!

About RedOption:

Creating and sharing music, to the artist known as RedOption, means spreading love, happiness and enlightenment. Born in Bogota, Colombia, then later moving to Vancouver B.C., the pursuit of his passion has seen the producer & dj playing various notable venues and music festivals around the province. Though he mostly creates Drum&Bass, Glitch Hop and Dubstep, he also produces a variety of electronic music that reflects the enriching sounds and rhythms of his upbringing. Though music wasn’t RedOption’s first idea of a career, he could not deny his love for the art. He decided to enroll at Harbourside Institute of Technology in North Vancouver to study Audio Engineering and Music Production. He found himself amongst his peers, and after graduating he began to build on the knowledge and relationships he had gained. Currently he continues to create, perform, and collaborate with artists throughout Vancouver and B.C, always seeking to spread joy and excitement through music.

Check out the Track!

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