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Track of the day! Slow Down - Caslow, Glasscat

If you are in search of something romantically upbeat that will be sure to snap you out of reality for a moment, leaving you in a pleasant state of reverie then this track is for you. This is the track to make time stand still.

About the artists: Caslow is a dance-pop duo consisting of Brody Low, a Canadian producer based out of Vancouver and Natale Castelli, an American producer based out of Reno, NV. After meeting online through a popular music production forum whilst pursuing solo careers, the two decided to team up and form Caslow.

Glasscat Glasscat is a singer, songwriter, and vocal producer based out of Los Angeles. She enjoys lending her voice and inspiration to a huge variety of styles, offering a fresh, inspired sound.

"Slow down" features Caslows signature blend of dance pop and future bass and Glasscats ever so romantic melodies and inspired lyrics.

So slow down, take a deep breath and check out the track here:

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