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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Mully and Hannah Gracelynn team up to release a brand new single, "Silent."

Mully stated on Twitter that he held onto this track for a while and hoped we like it. Like it? We love it. This song is gorgeous and has the right mix of beat, synths effects and vocals to make our 'Track of the Day!'

This track opens up with the crash of cymbals and kick drum and then Hannah Gracelynn emerges. She takes charge from the start with great range and full control of high notes. The lyrics tell a story of being bound by emotion and energy with the question, "Why do I stay silent?" Can't wait to hear more from Hannah in the future.

And let's not forget Mully. He let Hannah shine on this track but his musical talents were present. He uses build up and layers of synths to highlight the emotion of the song. A word to Mully, please do not hold great music like this, the track is fire. Check out 'Silent' below and enjoy.

About Mully: Canadian-based producer Vince Mulville, for years has been a staple in the west coast dance music scene, both through his own productions and through his live sets. He is the original founder of M&G Recordings, now known as EMENGY. With a musical background stemming from progressive house, deep house, and ambient, Mully’s live sets emote a balanced mix of raw energy, excitement and eclectic taste that’s helped him develop a consistent sound to keep the listener on their feet.

Check out the Track!

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