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We can not get enough of Kermode's new album "Intertwine." It's loaded with great tracks, and "Rituals" is the final single off the LP. This track is loaded with Kermode's signature heavy basslines and melodic elements. This track is gritty from the start with tiger-like growl effects and angelic choir vocals. Our bass addiction had no patience during the build up. And when the beat dropped, we couldn't control our heads from nodding and shoulders swaying. Kermode goes psycho mode with a wicked beat and bass effects that will have you doing the same. This track is sick! Salute to Kermode for awesome track and we definitely recommend checking out this track below!

"Dancing to electronic music has always had a ritual-esque quality. We gather in big groups to express ourselves and dance the demons away. I wanted a track that reflected that vibe." -Kermode

About Kermode: The musical vision of Vancouver’s Jeanot Mey, better known as Kermode. Born from the desire to fuse the beauty of the west coast with the aggression and grandeur of modern bass music, Kermode sets out to create a colourful dance driven world for his listeners. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Check out the Track!

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