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TRACK OF THE DAY! Rich By Nxsty, Vic August (Seb C Remix)

This Track is packing heat with a killer vibe. This track brings a wicked bassline to keep you moving mixed with a sick backbeat to match the vocals that will make you ‘Rich’. Seb C and Nxsty continue to pump out some amazing tunes. Check out ‘Rich’ below! About Seb C: Seb C has been one of Vancouver’s most prolific DJs to emerge in recent years. Born in Vancouver and spent some time growing up in Halifax, Canada, he moved west in 2014 and quickly planted himself in Vancouver’s nightlife. Dominating the club scene with his signature “Noice Noise”, a blend of the urban hip-hop & rap beats with the high energy electronic sounds. Seb C has amassed fans across multiple styles of hip hop, EDM and various other genres. Hem is one to check out especially with his last few releases blowing up, we can’t wait to see what's next!

Listen to the track on Spotify:

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