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This track brings the heat! Mythm and Matheny get heavy and bring a EP titled 'Reflex' released on Wormhole Music Group the track in the EP we are reviewing is the track titled 'Reflex'. It is absolutely stellar and brings you all the bass and dark, deep vibes you need. My favorite part of this track would have to be the wicked high hats and snares they just bring this almost Troyboi trap vibe and if you took it and paired it with some Deep, Dark and Dangerous bass, it really makes this track super unique. This track not only features a wicked trap backbeat but also features a ton of really cool cyberpunk type of sounds and of course a ton of bass, I really like the bassline and hope one day I can be sitting next to a big PK sub listening to this. Mythm and Matheny did an amazing job on this track and the entire EP you can check it out below as well check out our 'Track of the day!' Spotify playlist.

Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound'

Check out the Track!

Check out our 'Track of the day!' Spotify Playlist!

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