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Track of the day! Reflection by Montresor, This is Goodman and Michela

Todays track of track of the day is what I would call an inspirational electro house/pop/bass mix. Montresor, Goodman and Michela knock it out of the park for me on this one with their unique and uplifting blending of genres, powerful vocals and inspiring and motivating lyrics. This track trancends superficiality and impacts the heart. This trio unashamedly speak to an issue many would generally associate with coming of age, but in a world that tells us what to be this song in an anthem questioning the authentic self and what truly brings us happiness. They lyrics inspire self reflection and the music inspires action. What a truly beautiful track! Well done team!

About the Artists:

Montresor has been creating bright anthem-like dance music since his 2018 debut. His work boasts of gritty bass lines as well as soft emotional lyrics and breakdowns. Since his collaborations with labels such as Hybrid Trap, Ensis Records, and Hegemon Select, Montresor is on a mission for his music to touch the hearts of millions.

This is Goodman (Jason Goodman) is a 26 year old Red Seal Electrician, producer and DJ aims to put a twist on popular genres. Jason from Langley, BC. He uses influence from trance, electro house, bass music and the everyday sounds he hears to create a wide and varied soundscape and blur the lines between genres. 
 Jason wants to produce from an emotional level and puts his struggles, grinds and mood into his music to create a much more intimate, sonic take on electronic music.

Michela is an 18 year singer currently living on the tiny island of Gozo - part of the Maltese archipelago known as a hidden gem in the Mediterranean. Her powerful voice was made headlines on Malta's X-Factor where she won the final & secured her record contract with a major label. Soon after, she found herself launch onto the global stage representing Malta in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Listen to their inspiring track here:

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