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Track Of The Day! Perfect Imperfection by Leo Wood ft. Reflektor

Breaking all the rules, soul met drum and bass when Bristol based, sultry jazz vocalist, Leo wood team up with Vancouver based D&B duo, Reflektor for a soulful, funky track that gets you movie and groovin. Two worlds colliding in perfect harmony as the vocals take you and the beat moves you. Definitely a track to loosen you up and bring your vibe back as you continue to grind it out to the weekend.

About the artist:

Leo Wood: "Is a songwriter and recording artist exploring Soul through Urban & Underground genres. She collaborates with producers from all over the world to release music in Drum and Bass, House, & Alternative electronic. Leo combines a love for powerful sultry Jazz /folk vocals with current Bass/Dance music and delivers a unique sound that resonates in "liquid chillout vibes" - You can find these performances on Youtube and Facebook and enjoy stunning music in incredible locations for the shear fun of it!"

Reflektor: "Since combining forces in 2015, Reflektor has been on the rise as they’ve stretched their roots across the West Coast of Canada and caught eyes within the global Drum & Bass circuit. As a duo, Alex Timmer and Alec Grose found their unique sound nestled in the deeper end of the spectrum while flaunting a smooth, soulful, and diverse style of Dnb. Showcasing what they believe to be a true taste of what the West Coast has to offer, their music speaks for itself. In 2017 they dropped a slew of top-tier free downloads that made waves in the Drum & Bass scene which lead to a pair of their largest releases to date.

Listen to this groovy track here:

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