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Track of the Day! Patiently by Taylor Waters and Teon Gibbs

Happy Tuesday

This uplifting track goes out to all those patiently waiting. Waiting for love and/or waiting for this "season" to be over already. I'm not projecting.... Anyway, Taylor brings a warm, soothing and hopeful tone and message to the people with this bright "lullaby pop" track. Combined with Teons rich sound and authentic lyric, this track is a wonderful escape from reality as we long to once again "drink in the sunset" and be held in someones arms. *sigh*

About the Artists:

"Taylor Waters is a 22 year old Vancouver based singer and songwriter. When she began making music in her bedroom using her acoustic guitar, her songs consisted of soft melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Her musical style is what she refers to as "Lullaby Pop". Taylor's debut single ‘Little Sister’ (a song about self confidence and self love) quickly gained a listenership across multiple streaming platforms, including Spotify playlists such as “Indie Pop Chill Out” and “Chilled Pop Hits”. Taylor is inspired by many artists, often ranging in genre and style. Some of her top influences are Mahalia and Doja Cat, Jordan Rakei, Tierra Whack and Phoebe Bridgers. Taylor aspires to create music to help you feel content and soothed, feelings she struggles with herself."

Teon Gibbs is Vancouver based singer songwriter who is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable and influential voices in Western Canada. His bold work touches on social issues, relationships, industry politics and of course to an introspective look into his own come up. Prior to settling in Vancouver, Teon spent time in South London and Botswana and thus, Teon has developed a heightened level of perspective, cultural awareness and self awareness. Teon has created quite a name for himself in the Pacific NorthWest with features on CTV, eTalk, CBC and Complex as well as several tours and festival placements.. "An artist from the culture and for the culture."

Listen to this wonderfully uplifting track here:

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