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TRACK OF THE DAY! Party Party By xander rose, Seb C

I know we can’t party right now but this song sure puts the party in House Party. I love the fast pace of the track with its heavy Trap drops. This song certainly ain't that long at 1 minute and 50 seconds but its fast pace and wicked vibe will leave you loving every second of it. They definitely brought some wicked sounds in the drops to make you want to ‘Party Party’. Check it out below!

About Xander Rose: Xander Rose exploded onto Vancouver’s nightclub scene in 2017 with his debut show at Celebrities Nightclub. Since then he has worked with many of the city’s stand-out acts like NXSTY, SebC, and Floetic. In addition to working with various leading companies like Blueprint and Safe & Sound, Xander also founded his independent label Stir Fry Records in 2018. He’s known for blending the worlds of house music with hip-hop and pop to bring a fresh perspective to Vancouver's music scene. He also has built up a strong presence online as a music, business, and lifestyle educator via his YouTube channel.

About Seb C: He has been dominating the club scene with his signature “Noice Noise”, a blend of the urban hip-hop with the high energy electronic sounds. He has amassed fans across multiple styles of Hip Hop, EDM and various other genres. Of late, Seb was the resident DJ at Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver following the success of his 2019 tour which saw sold out shows across Canada. Seb C is the title holder of the 2017 Paradiso DJ competition and has also played in multiple European countries like Croatia, Netherlands and England. Seb has supported big name acts such as the Chainsmokers ,Backstreet Boys, Benny Benassi ,Julian Jordan , Diblo and much more.

Check out the Track!

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