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Track Of The Day! Overload by Babuza

Who's up for some dub? Here's a fresh new track to satiate your hunger. This high energy track features military style, rhythmic electronic drumming, curious warps, layers of synth and vocal chants that gradually build and flow into intense drops that it'll move you. It's fun, it's quirky, it's jam packed with the sweetest dub textures. It'll overload the senses... *Pun intended.

About the artist: "Babuza is a independent DJ and producer specializing in Dubstep music. The self-taught musician and vocalist writes and records all of his tracks out of his homemade basement studio. Music offered him a chance to escape from all the bullshit in the world, even if only for a few minutes. At age 19 he put together his own makeshift studio, consisting of a free DAW program, a dusty preamp, and an 80 dollar condenser microphone." What a legend!

Listen to the track here:

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