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Track Of The Day! Orange Sky by Tripzy Leary

Todays' track of the day is by Vancouver based, self professed Alien (or cyberdelic extra terrestrial music producer). Tripzy Leary originally hails from the mountains of the Okanagan/kootenays. To get his signature sound, he morphs "psychedelic, alien synesthesia" with rich analogue bass frequencies. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, synesthesia means to feel multiple senses at the same time. You hear colours, feel sounds, taste shapes. His music is designed to give you the ultimate trip, ergo the name.

Tripzy's track "Orange Sky" features melodic percussion, juicy synth, soft vocal coos and the richest analogue bass frequencies. This track will help you disengage from reality and let the vibrations take you across time and space.

Listen to the track here:

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