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We already knew this track was going to be a good one. We can't get enough of Dirtykvrt's releases and lucky for us he dropped On The Brink. Debuting this track on Plastic Magic Records, we're sure you will want to add this to your playlist... With very deep bass, electric drums, and a supersonic effects on top, there is no doubt that the first drop will be enjoyed by many bass enthusiasts. Even more impressive, each measure throughout the track adds something new and exciting to this experience. You will learn very quickly no to put Dirtykvrt in a box as he brings a plethora of sounds and genres to his music. Just when you think the track is over he brings more fire, at over 5 minutes long, this track will surely sate your appetite for dirty bass music. If you haven’t heard his music before the only way to explain it is glitchy, grimy, and utterly dirty. Dirtykvrt is about that dirty bass life and this tune continues his to build on his legacy. This new single takes his unique sound up a notch and is the perfect example as to why he's such an incredible producer. Check out On The Brink below.


About Dirtykvrt : Dirtykvrt, 24, Vancouver, BC, CANADA all things dirty bass music / glitch dirtykvrt is a multi genre music producer and DJ. Filthy soul shaking experimental bass drops are his bread and butter with an emphasis on heavy hitting organic bass lines & glitch soundscapes. Inspired by everything that lifts his gun fingers and limited by nothing but himself. You can expect jaw dropping productions that push the boundaries of dirty bass music. “Beautiful chaos, I don’t even know where to start to produce stuff quite like this, so that’s cool!” - SULLY "Dirtykvrt, um, I've got to say that, so far from what we've listened to today, I feel like you have a very unique voice with your production, a very unique kind of textural little spice that you're throwing on this song and in your stuff, and I really appreciate that, I like it a lot... I think you're onto something in terms of a certain esthetic which can be unique to yourself and I think exploring that further would be really dope." - LSDREAM

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