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This out of this world track brings deep, dark and heavy vibes. The track titled 'Not Like This' from Dirtykvrt released on Plastic Magic Records. This track features a lot of mysterious, cyberpunk like atmospheric sounds that really surround you and make this track super unique. It almost sounds like something out of Doctor Who, with the mysterious vocals. When the drop hits, it hits hard, with heavy, deep sounds with roaring bass. The sound design is absolutely incredible in this track and the backbeat just fits so perfectly you almost don't notice it as it blends in so well. If you like mysterious tracks that take you on a journey, this may be the track for you. You still get that signature Dirtykvrt style of dirty bass, but as all his tracks are that uniqueness that makes it different then the rest.

That is one thing I love about Dirtykvrt's production is every track is something different, but there is one thing you can also expect is that dirty bass, and that you will be taken on a bit of a journey. You can learn more about Dirtykvrt below as well check out the track and entire EP filled with amazing tunes!

About Dirtykvrt : Dirtykvrt, 24, Vancouver, BC, CANADA all things dirty bass music / glitch dirtykvrt is a multi genre music producer and DJ. Filthy soul shaking experimental bass drops are his bread and butter with an emphasis on heavy hitting organic bass lines & glitch soundscapes. Inspired by everything that lifts his gun fingers and limited by nothing but himself. You can expect jaw dropping productions that push the boundaries of dirty bass music. “Beautiful chaos, I don’t even know where to start to produce stuff quite like this, so that’s cool!” - SULLY "Dirtykvrt, um, I've got to say that, so far from what we've listened to today, I feel like you have a very unique voice with your production, a very unique kind of textural little spice that you're throwing on this song and in your stuff, and I really appreciate that, I like it a lot... I think you're onto something in terms of a certain esthetic which can be unique to yourself and I think exploring that further would be really dope." - LSDREAM

Check out the Track!

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