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It’s essential to celebrate how talented artists find ways to collaborate that bring us some great vibes and chill moods to rock to. IMUR has done that, teaming up with Teon Gibbs to give us "No Strings." A track about being in toxic relationships with no strings attached while riding a relaxed, head-nodding groove. Jenny Lea opens up singing in a speedy cadence about a man who is poisonous but irresistible. It can't be easy for anyone to compliment Jenny Lea's flow, but the subtlety of Teon's verses works flawlessly. Even when they join together to sing the hook, Teon's vocals trade off perfectly with Jenny's, equally coy and seductive, while holding his own. The hook is catchy and infectious that you want more. Pure artistry at it's best is featured on this track. This was an excellent collab of vocals, rhymes and music. Pure fire from start to finish.

About I M U R: Composed of singer/songwriter Jenny Lea, producer/guitarist Mikey J Blige, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Amine Bouzaher. Jenny and Mikey formed the band in 20015 and released their debut EP, Slow Dive (later adding Amine Bouzaher to the band in 2016. I M U R have an intuitive relationship with music, melody, and lyrics. Their ability to pair songs to sentiment comes naturally, making it easy for listeners to be absorbed into their music. IMUR pulls influences from electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and progressive pop, and lyrically tends to share narrative threads encompassing heartache and the vices used to cope.

About Teon Gibbs: Based out of Vancouver BC. As an artist and producer Teon Gibbs offers a unique perspective to his music, taking influence from his heritage, soulful tones, and modern production. Being involved in production, sessional musician work, songwriting and engineering for almost 10 years, Teon has the network, the ambition and the talent to be Western Canada's flagship artist.

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