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TRACK OF THE DAY! Nineoneone By Handsome Hansel

I love how this track just grabs you and has this almost sinister energetic vibe. I adore the techno vibe it brings with its melody, I love the punchy kicks and bassline as it drives the track. I really like how he starts the track with the melodic synths and brings a deep bassline in that just grabs you, I definitl;y recomend checking out the track and learning more about Handsome Hansel Below.

About Handsome Hansel:

Handsome Hansel is an orange, hairy alien who had been tasked to research human behavior in hopes of uncovering their alleged ability to time-travel.

After failing to acquire sufficient evidence, he was exiled by his commander, Spacefood, to spend the rest of his days living among the humans on earth. Now, our very hairy friend passes the time bringing humans together with his music in hopes of finding the evidence he seeks and raising money through his efforts to afford his persistent, daily haircuts.

Hansel’s music style is experimental, psychedelic, sometimes chill, but always SURPRISING!

Check out the Track!

Check out our 'Track of the day!' Spotify Playlist!

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