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TRACK OF THE DAY! NIGHTMARE By Your Evil Boyfriend & Young Presley

I absolutely love this track, it features some beautiful chords with a heavy bassline at the drops. The bassline at the drops is just stunning bringing the heavy wubs, not to mention this track is topped off with some beautiful vocals and unique sounds. This track will definitely be in your 'Nightmare' if you don't check it out below, Your Evil Boyfriend brings a wicked backbeat to support the track and help elevate it, I love the Trap vibe this track brings, I definitely recommend checking it out below and learning more about the Artists.

About Your Evil Boyfriend: Dance music producer Your Evil Boyfriend blends jaded super saws with distorted pianos and big sound system drums. Born in Peru but heavily marinated by his maple syrup passport, he started his musical journey while being stuck in the silver mines of the Sonora Desert. His first label release with Brunetti "Back To The Start" charted top 47 in Dance charts on Beatport, and it has achieved over 25,000 streams. His collaboration with JareB34R "F.A.T. (F*ck Another Tool)" reached spot 26 in the Electro charts in Beatport and got him a few features on blogs such UFO network and EDM Nation. "Hold Me" with Christopher Tapia ranked top 17 in Electro charts of Beatport has achieved over 20,000 streams "I didn't come up with my artist name, a girl gave it to me. I've come to embrace the good in my dark side so that's translated in my music. "

About Young Presley: Young Presley no not old Presley. After naming himself after his favorite artist Elvis Presley, Young Presley is a jack of all traits. His music is a mixture of Pop, Latin, EDM, hip-hop and rock. In 2020 he took it up to a new level releasing singles to showcase his style. He is currently preparing his releases for 2021.

Check out the Track!

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