Track Of The Day! New Shit By No Thanks

Back with that New Shit from Do Not Duplicate Recordings are No Thanks, a collaborative project between insanely talented artists Giuliano Rascan & Dejan Zoric based out of Vancouver, Canada. This track of the day wastes no time in getting started, opening with a buildup to a great beat drop within the first 30 seconds! With no such soft intro, the bassline and vocal chops hit hard and this sets up the rest of the track really well. They soon begin playing around with some new and incredible sound bites and this track has quickly become one of my favourites. There is no sitting still, this dance track will have you moving from start to finish. The perfect dancefloor filler. I definitely recommend adding it to your go to party playlist ASAP! The duo promises to continue to release music throughout 2022 so keep an eye out and in the meantime check out their “New Shit” below!

No Thanks is a collaborative project between Giuliano Rascan & Dejan Zoric, both from Canada. The pair bring a unique, high energy, and fresh sound to the dance music scene which has gained them support by mainstage acts and top record labels including Insomniac Records, Space Yacht Records, Tchami's Confession Records + more. The duo promises to continue to innovate and release music that will keep you wanting more!

Check out the Track!

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