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TRACK OF THE DAY Neon Rapture By Miles Away

This track really brings a old school 80s vibe with its synths. I really like the backbeat and bassline it brings a real groove to the track and really adds to the overall vibe. This track honestly takes you on a journey form its 80s vibe to its dramatic but elegant sounds in the end. Almost reminds me of a track I would hear in cyberpunk type vibe of a movie. The melody of this track that is ever so suddle but fits perfect with the track from beginning to end. I definitely recommend checking out the track below!

About Miles Away: "bring me back, with eyes still closed no black and white, just shining gold 'someday will set you free', we're told lost years have got me growing old" Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Miles Away is the moniker of producer, songwriter and singer Devin Belanger. Miles Away's sound is all about nostalgia for the past: both in joy and sadness. Using a blend of melodic and heavy electronic music with organic elements and his own voice, Miles Away's music tells the story of being stuck in the present, living in the past, and wishing for the future. Miles Away began to first get attention after a string of popular remixes on channels such as Trap Nation, Proximity, AirwaveMusicTV and Cloudkid, including a remix of Halsey's "Without Me" with Nurko that has received over 30 million streams to date. He then released his self-titled debut EP in 2019 on Lowly / Trap Nation and is working on his debut album set to release 2021. He has been nominated in 2020 for "Electronic & Dance Artist of The Year" in the Western Canadian Music Awards.

Check out the Track!

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