Track Of The Day! Need You By Evocky

Today I wanted to review a track from a super talented local producer Evocky, we are reviewing one of his recent releases titled 'Need You'. This track brings the heat and is full of energy with its intense and unique sounds. It has an addicting bounce to it and is a great tack for any DJ to have in their arsenal to really get the crowd going as this track grabs your attention right from the start almost immediately diving into an intense and captivating build up. Some of my personal favorite parts about this track is the sound design and unique style this track has. Overall I highly recommend you check out this track down below and learn more about Evocky he is one local producer to keep an eye on as he continuously drops top notch tracks.

About Evocky: Evocky is a 17-year-old producer from Vancouver, Canada. Over the years he has evolved his sound which has shaped into a new genre called E-HOUSE. Evocky is only at the start of his career, and he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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