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TRACK OF THE DAY! My Girl By Case of the Mondays

This track brings a real wicked vibe, with a powerful backbeat and strong drums. I love the overall vibe this track brings its full of energy and has great danceability to it. I love all the additional sound fx in this track, it's what really adds that uniqueness to the track. As repetitive as the song is I find with all the cool unique sounds and effects they added, keeps the track interesting and groovy. Makes me want to listen to it on repeat all week long. I also love the bassline it brings the groove, I highly recommend checking out the track below and learning more about Case of the Mondays.

About Case of the Mondays:

Case of the Mondays is a classic story about two best friends making music in paradise... Joni T & La Dooda met in a dark basement nightclub fighting over a single vodka soda. The bartender saw there struggle and one free vodka soda later… they became best friends and starting writing House Music. Since then the two have created a Magical World where its okay to dance all night, call in sick for work, and spill drinks. Every day is a Monday :) Their sounds can be described as Deep in Tone & Ghetto by Nature. It's a highly-addictive type of High-Energy-Bass-Driven-House-Music they like to call... FUN HOUSE! Releases on... DIRTYBIRD | BOX OF CATS | WESTWOOD | COTM RECORDS | MEDIUM RARE Remixes for... Wongo, Benson, The Funk Hunters, Plastic Robots, Nat Noiz, & Rod Fussy.

Check out the Track!

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