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Track of the day! Mona - Grim,Prizmal

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

When 2 artists who refuse to conform to musical norms team up, the result is magic!

If you don't know Grim as a solo artist, you may be familiar with his remixes of "Can you feel my heart" by bring me to the horizon or "idfc" by blackbear. Grim found his unique sound combining alternative rock with electronic music and he hasn't looked back. Prizmal is a Vancouver based music producer, DJ and a twitch streamer. His work comprises of his 2 biggest passions, piano and electronic music... Genius!

This track is is full of uplifting trance melodies and drops that will leave you in a pleasant state of wonderment. I'd describe this track as a soul hug for the melancholics and an inspirational, chill session for all you A types that need a breather with some musical love.

Listen Here:

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