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Track Of The Day! Luv (Drunk) by Conro

The "love drunk prohibition", inspired by life in quarantine... This is the new track by Canadian DJ/Producer Connor Patten. A song for all those hiding cooped up in iso, longing for some human contact. Yah, we've all been there. Don't get me wrong, this track isn't one of all doom and gloom so put away that Ben and Jerry's. Uplifting electro house and groovy future bass makes "Luv (Drunk)" a warm hug, validating what many of us have been thinking and feeling this season.

About the artist: Connor Patten (Known as Conro) "developed a passion for music being surrounded by a loving and supportive family with a deep rooted passion for music... Conro shaped a catchy signature sound in dance music with his upbeat, electro house tracks." He aims to deliver a vibrant, funky, and instrumentation driven soundscape while implementing his own impressive vocals. He sure has delivered.

I dedicate this track to all those hanging out on their sofa in oversize sweats and shaggy hair. Pump it, get off that couch and dance like no one is watching! I dare you!

Listen to the track here:

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