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This is such a beautiful melodic track from Sabai and Madalen Duke, this one releasing on Monstercat titled 'Love For You'. This track features absolutely stunning vocals from Madalen where she sings about having Love for someone and getting used by someone. Sabai really did a great job at showcasing the vocals in this track with the rich, powerful chords and a dynamic melody in this track. This track brings all the feels out, with its heavy hitting vocals and deep atmospheric sounds. My absolute favorite part of this track is the drop, it brings a ton of energy but keeps the melodic, heavy hitting feel vibe, the deep undertone throughout the entire track really just makes this track perfect and compliments every other piece of this track. You can listen to the track for yourself at the bottom of the blog and learn more about the local artists involved in this track below!

About Sabai: Blending an eclectic mix of Future Bass and House alongside other genres like R&B and Pop, rising star Sabai has seen his profile skyrocket since his debut EP released on iconic Canadian imprint Monstercat. With over 40 million views on YouTube and 18 million streams on Spotify, the Thai-born, Vancouver-based producer and DJ infuses his productions with raw emotion, born through beautifully composed melodies and exquisitely layered vocal lines. Tracks ‘Million Days’, ‘Save You’, ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘Memories’ immediately connected fans to the raw, authentic and open messages behind each single.

Reflected in his name (‘Sabai’ means comfortable in Thai), he wants fans to be at ease with who they are, and to realize through his music that they are connected to a vast network of other human beings who they can identify with, and find support. This relationship with listeners was showcased during memorable live performances in 2021 at FVDED in the Park and Compound Festival. On the single front, Sabai has most recently enjoyed a release on the Rocket League soundtrack with ‘Scared’, and a collaboration with Nevve called ‘Falling For You’. With more music set for release across 2021 and beyond, fans can expect to see and hear much more of this talented young artist.

Check out the Track!

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