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Kermode's latest release honestly leaves me speechless with the track titled 'Lotus Eyes'. The sound design in this track is unreal, I absolutely love every bit of this track. It features unique sounds, some wicked bass and features tons of captivating sounds. The soft touching wavy chords in this track just move you, and the bass comes in and just pulls you into the track. Every second of this track I feel like I'm hearing a new sound that just works. This is definitely one of my all time favorite tracks coming from Kermode. You can catch me listening to it all repeat all week long! Learn more about Kermode and check out the track below!

About Kermode:

The musical vision of Vancouver’s Jeanot Mey, better known as Kermode. Born from the desire to fuse the beauty of the west coast with the aggression and grandeur of modern bass music, Kermode sets out to create a colourful dance driven world for his listeners. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

'Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound'

Check out the Track!

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