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track of the day! leave by kØlture & connor nelson

Newly released this track starts off pretty chill w/ some clean guitars and vocals courtesy of Connor Nelson and then takes a giant leap right into a mix of heavy bass and dubstep inspired patterns. I thought this was a really interesting dichotomy of sound when I first gave the track a listen. Besides the music itself Connor's verses will hit you right in the feels while providing a stark contrast to the syncopated beats of the track. The latest of KØLTURE's collabs, he continues his formula of pairing smooth sounding vocals with his EDM chops to create what he calls melodic bass music. Based on his tracks so far I would have to wholeheartedly agree with his description! Released on Railbreakers Records Connor & KØLTURE are making a name for themselves in the Vancouver scene. So be on the lookout for future shows, releases and collabs from both artists!

About KØLTURE: Describing himself on Soundcloud; "KØLTURE is a electronic musician who combines the likes of heavy bass music with a little bit of brightness to his sound. Making a name for himself in electronic music with his colourful sound, KØLTURE hopes to bring a new wave of music to the bass music scene." Give his other tracks & numerous collabs a listen here!

About Connor Nelson: A Vancouver-born artist who has been making music from a young age. In 2014 he won the Youth Talent Search BC and then went on to break out with his first single "Psychic" in 2019. Connor hopes to use his music as a message to his fans and listeners that "It's ok to feel and they are not alone in feeling their emotions." His music can be described as Bedroom Pop with whispers or R&B and a hint of nostalgia.

Listen to "Leave" on Spotify!

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