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TRACK OF THE DAY! Keep It By Smiles Only

Another heater, this heavy cyber type track takes things to a whole new level. Head bangers better have a neck brace ready for them after listening to this track, it brings a strong filthy drop. I absolutely love the cyber type vibe some of the sounds remind me of Skrillex in his earlier days. The sound design in this track is incredible the drops leave me speechless wanting to just head bang on the rail at a festival, listening to this. Smiles Only did not disappoint with a real banger of a track that defiantly makes me want to "Keep it". I adore all the great atmospheric glitch sounds in this track that pull you into it with its heavy sounds, check out the track below!

About Smiles Only: Since their genesis in 2018, the ascent for Smiles Only has begun. Their style is digital and futuristic, bringing listeners into their virtual world where happiness is forced upon the people. No strangers to heavy bass and soaring melodies, drawing inspiration from such diverse artists as Justin Oh, Porter Robinson, and Shockone, this hard- hitting Canadian trio is coming in hard and heavy. With collaborations with Flatland Funk and Jiqui currently out, and recently releasing on Most Addictive Music with Kermode, while also becoming an exclusive artist for Emengy, Smiles Only are a force to be reckoned with. Welcome to your happy future. Smile.

Check out the Track!

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