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It's the first of December and what's better then to review a Christmas track, today we are reviewing a track that some might say is not your traditional Christmas Track. However us at True Sound, this one has been a classic since it was released on True Sound Records last year. The track titled 'Jingle Bells' is a mid-tempo/Dubstep remake of the Christmas classic, from Hollows. He did a great job at keeping those traditional Christmas 'Jingle Bells' and melody and adding a more sinister take to it. In this track you can expect atmospheric sounds that will give you chills, with a heavy bassline and grimy drop. The drops in this track hit hard, with its intense buildups, If your one that likes to head bang your head hard then this might be the track for you this holiday season. The track slowly gets a feeling of more and more grand as it goes, with a magnificent second drop, that I would say is my absolute favorite part. You can learn more about Hollows and check out the track below!

About Hollows: From the Bay Area now living in Los Angeles, Alexx’s inspiration comes from Anime, Video Games, and Emo/Post Hardcore music. Fueled by Darkness. You can follow him on Instagram/TikTok: @Hollows and Twitter: @HollowsX .

Check out the Track!

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