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Track Of The Day! Instill - Atyya

The Artist: Pronounced [ Ah-Tie-Ah ] is the musical project of Tyy Clark. "Tyy combines his boundless passion for music with an array of multi-instrumentalism from Hip Hop, Jazz & Soul with 13 years of electronic music production to formulate the illustrious sound of ATYYA."

The Track - "Instill" is a unique fusion of oriental sounds and hip hop. Multi-instrumentalism at its finest.

Imagine this: You're finding your zen, maybe at at temple or shrine on a hillside in Tibet. Suddenly, your are transported to the middle of the jungle. Where? Who knows? The trees feel like they are closing in on you. You can here animalistic sounds in the distance but can't quite make them out. Then, through the tress you see a people, a tribe surrounding you. They don't mean you harm, they are simply curious, as curious as you are about them. Suddenly you hear the chimes from the temple but you you are still in the jungle. The sounds intensify, could this be real? You close your eyes tightly, when they open, the tribe has disappeared, the jungle is clearing and you find yourself back on the hillside and you are at peace. This is what this song feels like. A wonderful journey into the unknown.

Check out the track here:

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