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Track Of The Day! Inactive By TWiiGZ

Back in 2021 TWiiGZ released his track ‘Inactive’ as one of three songs on the ‘Inactive’ EP. This track is all about the strong dance floor beat. It really hits in all the right places, showcasing TWiiGZ’s true talent as a DJ and producer. The energy you feel from this track is infectious, from the start it draws you in with an interesting, assertive sound and after the high charged drop, it really gets your blood pumping. I can’t help but think how amazing this would be to hear live at a festival. Ever since 2018 TWiiGZ has been working non-stop, learning as much as he can and this track is evidence. He has an insane discography, if you ever get to catch him DJ a show you will not be disappointed. This is definitely a track to add to your playlist. Check him out below!

TWiiGZ was born in Chicago but raised in the beautiful Kootenay Region of British Columbia, Canada. His hometown is Cranbrook, BC. Growing up in such a beautiful area keen on keeping the underground music scene alive, an area surrounded by music, and raves it was only a matter of time before TWiiGZ fell into the trap of electronic sounds and bass music. In grade 11 TWiiGZ acquired his first piece of music production gear. A four track loop pad that his father got him. One year later he attended Motion Notion in 2016 and was starstruck by the filthy bass slapping out of those nasty PK systems. He knew he needed to become further involved in this music lifestyle. After the festival, TWiiGZ’s good friend Ryland aka Wublin showed him the ropes of DJing on his controller. TWiiGZ then acquired his own laptop and got Ableton Live. He dove head straight into DJing and Music Production. From there the two (along with TWiiGZ’s close friend Kimati) played house parties and small scale raves together furthering their skills and abilities. In 2018 TWiiGZ moved to Kelowna to take AUDIO ENGINEERING & PRODUCTION at the Centre for Arts and Technology. He’s played many raves around the kootenays, and is just absolutely murdering it.

Check out the Track!

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