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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If you have been following Coka Cobra on his Instagram, he asked his followers to pick his next release, and "IDGAF" received the most votes.

Coka Cobra released "IDGAF" off his own label Twin Fang. This track of the day wastes no time getting started. Immediately, with no soft intro, the bassline and vocal chops hit hard. This sets up the cadence for the rest of the track. When the rest of the beat drops in, this track begins to soar with energy. There is no sitting still, forget it. It's interesting how Coka Cobra takes two vocal lines and makes them into an anthem. Near the end of the track, the energy comes begins to rest, wishing there more. However, this dance house track will have you moving and singing the lyrics from start to finish.

You can listen to "IDGAF" down below ands check out our playlist below as well.

About Coka Cobra: Enigmatic DJ/Producer Coka Cobra makes high energy bass-heavy electronic dance music tailored to crush the festival and club dance floors. With a relentless release schedule prepped for 2021 and striking visuals to back it up, get ready to familiarize yourself with the snake.

Check out the Track! Check out our 'Track of the day!' Spotify Playlist!

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