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No Thanks a local duo known for bringing those beautiful house vibes with fresh sounds. Today we want to feature a juicy recent release of there's called 'I Want It' released on DND Recs. This track features a bouncy bassline that is sure to keep you on your feet paired with some exciting sounds. They absolutely killed it on the sound design in this track, it brings some super catchy and groovy vibes and is sure to get any party going once you press play on this one. My favorite part of this track is all the added unique sounds from the laser sounds to the horn sounds. It really elevates this track and takes it to a new level, you can give the track a listen for yourself below and learn more about this amazing duo below!

About No Thanks : No Thanks is a collaborative project between Giuliano Rascan & Dejan Zoric, both from Canada. The pair bring a unique, high energy, and fresh sound to the dance music scene which has gained them support by mainstage acts and top record labels including Insomniac Records, Space Yacht Records, Tchami's Confession Records + more. The duo promises to continue to innovate and release music that will keep you wanting more. Follow them on Instagram , Facebook and Soundcloud.

'Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound'

Check out the Track!

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